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New Milford Body Therapy

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When starting a new business, it’s important to decide what kind of image you want your business to project.  Good photography can help establish that image and give you material to use on social media and your website, to promote your new business and get people’s attention. That is exactly what business owner Inga wanted […]

Wedding on a Hill

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Last weekend, I got to spend an afternoon photographing a sunny, casual wedding on a beautiful hilltop in Carmel, NY. Jen and Ray wanted a no-hassle wedding day, and I think they came pretty close.  Everyone was in a good mood, it seemed.  The sun was shining.  It was hot but not too hot.  I […]

Trip to the Berkshires

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This past weekend, my sister arranged a trip for us (just me and Jason!) to southern Massachusetts to stay in a bed & breakfast inn and see the sights.  It turned out to be possibly the best weekend of my life. For one, the scenery was incredible – dramatic streams, picturesque farmland, rugged mountainous terrain, […]

Hidden Treasure

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My husband has an extensive shell collection, as you might have noticed from previous posts.  Many of them have amazingly intricate shapes, swirls, textures, and colors.  One shell that was easily overlooked is the abalone.  It looks like a dirty brown beret on the outside – gritty, dull, rough, and completely boring.  From the outside, […]