Wedding Photographer New Milford, CT

Trust me to take the unique photos your grandchildren will cherish.


Here is what I want you to know about my wedding photography: no two weddings are alike.  I am not a 1-2 weddings per weekend type of photographer, I am a photographer who also shoots weddings.  Why is that a good thing?

Because your photos will be uniquely yours.

I am not taking the same picture over and over with different couples.  Every picture I take is unique, inspired by the settings and the personality of the couple.  I work hard to keep my photos fresh and different, and my clients appreciate that.  So if you're looking for a wedding photography mill, churning out weddings every week with the same poses and same techniques, keep looking!


If you want your photos to be unique to your special day, drop me a line.  I am always happy to meet with potential clients to chat about your plans and your goals for your wedding, and to see if our personalities mesh well.  No obligation, no pressure, just a chat.


I have over 9 years of experience photographing weddings.

I have seen it all!  I can guide you through the day while documenting the experience.

My wedding packages run from $850 for a minimalist wedding to $3400 for a full day with all the bells and whistles.  Please reach out with any questions, I am happy to create a custom package to fit your needs.

Included in all wedding packages are all digital images (at a resolution for printing up to 8x10.)  I will help you create any wall art or albums from your images that you might want.

Look through the gallery and see if my photographic style is what you are looking for.  Then send me an email  and reserve your date - or scroll down and fill out the form below!

Serving Connecticut and eastern New York.