Make a Great first impression

There are so many reasons why small businesses need great photos.  Your social media and online presence are what your potential clients will see first -- make a good first impression with professional photos!

Clients love to put a face to a business.  Shop local is all the rage, and people love to know whom they are working with.  I can take pictures of you or your employees doing their thing, I can do product photography, I can take pictures of your storefront and public areas; I can even take some of your favorite products to my studio and take some artistic photos of them there.  If you can dream it, I can photograph it!

Maybe you run the kind of business that is constantly in need of photos, like a hair salon that needs to be regularly posting pictures of hair they have styled.  Did you know that you can hire me to come to your workplace and train you and your employees to take better photos with the equipment on hand?  Even if the only camera you have is an iPhone, there are tricks that I can teach you to get more professional looking photos easily.

Let's make sure your website and marketing materials have eye catching, appealing imagery to complement your brand.

What can great photos do for your business?


How can I serve you?

1. Business Spotlight Session

Get a year's worth of high quality, shareable social media content from one session.  Keep your audience engaged effortlessly!  I can even brand each image with your business name and/or contact information, so it will retain your info even if it makes its way around the internet.  These sessions are tailored to your needs, and are completely customizable.  They may even include time to capture headshots and/or action shots.

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2. Individual Image Building Session

These pictures will give you the confidence to get your name out there.  If your public image is important, this service is for you.

These sessions are unique to each individual.  This is not a quick simple session - we may visit multiple locations and change outfits several times.  I might shadow you when you host or attend events.  What happens in the session depends on your goals for these pictures.

How can I help you become more successful?  Contact me today and let's talk about how an image building session can help you build that image and move toward your ultimate purpose in life.

3. Creative Product or Imagery Photography

If your business involves creating or selling a tangible product, this session is for you.  I will use your product and/or items related to your business to create eye catching, creative images featuring your product that will surprise and delight the viewer.  I will find interesting settings and props to complement your product(s) in a unique way.  This type of session can be especially useful for multilevel marketing professionals who are looking to rise above the noise and be something amazing.  I guarantee you will be surprised by what I can create.

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