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Make a great first impression

There are so many reasons why small businesses need great photos.  Your social media and online presence are what your potential clients will see first -- make a good first impression with professional photos!

Clients love to put a face to a business.  Shop local is all the rage, and people love to know whom they are working with.  I can take pictures of you or your employees doing their thing, I can do product photography, I can take pictures of your storefront and public areas; I can even take some of your favorite products to my studio and take some artistic photos of them there.  If you can dream it, I can photograph it!

Maybe you run the kind of business that is constantly in need of photos, like a hair salon that needs to be regularly posting pictures of hair they have styled.  Did you know that you can hire me to come to your workplace and train you and your employees to take better photos with the equipment on hand?  Even if the only camera you have is an iPhone, there are tricks that I can teach you to get more professional looking photos easily.

Let's make sure your website and marketing materials have eye catching, appealing imagery to complement your brand.

What can great photos do for your business?


Services I offer:

  • photographic study of your business
  • on-site photography training - to teach you to take better pictures of your product/service every day
  • headshots and action shots
  • product photography
  • logo design
  • graphic design relevant to your brand


Pricing depends on the scale of the project, so contact me for a quote.


If you are in direct sales and want to take your business to the next level, I can help.  Don't wait... reach out today!

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