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Welcome to my blog! Read my blogs below about projects I have done, and learn how to get the best outcome of your own session.

So…. it’s Cancer

On December 20th, I found out that I have breast cancer.   2019 has been a particularly difficult year. It marks 20 years that I have been struggling with Lyme disease. Last spring, I got [...]

For Goodness Speech!

Relatively new to town, Ashley Maturo was looking for help making a splash.  Ashley, the speech therapist behind For Goodness Speech, LLC, wanted to create a series of photographs to introduce [...]

The Umbrella Session

I took a lot of walks when I was a kid. Sometimes, the sky was gray and ominous, and I would consider whether or not to bring an umbrella with me on my walk.  My father told me if I take the [...]

Go Gray Like a Superhero

I first noticed gray hairs growing in 10 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child.  I was horrified at first and would try to pluck them out.   It seemed unacceptable for me to [...]

A Dairy Farm, Modernized

An assignment for Farm and Ranch Living magazine had me traveling north to East Canaan, CT recently to photograph a dairy farm. Started in 1949 by Eugene and Esther Freund, Freund’s Farm is [...]

Embrace Ambition Event

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be one of a select group of people chosen to attend the Embrace Ambition 2019 series finale at the Brooklyn Museum in NYC.  This event, hosted by the Tory Burch [...]

How We View Women

I snapped a quick cell phone picture of this page in a women’s fitness magazine: What adjectives come to mind when you view this picture? Vacant / Helpless / Vulnerable / Weak / Lost / [...]

The Unchained Bride

I have been photographing weddings for 10 years now, so I have seen a lot of brides through their wedding days.  If there was one piece of advice I could offer brides-to-be, it would be this: [...]

Let’s Stop Hiding

My purpose as a photographer is to show people the beauty all around them – and the beauty in them.  That might sound easy, but it gets tricky when I encounter clients who do not believe [...]

Strike a Pose

On May 4, 2018, I am offering my first ever workshop. The title of this workshop is Strike a Pose: learn how to pose for a portrait. The purpose of this workshop is to teach women, especially [...]

Barkery Bootique

Last weekend, the Barkery Bootique hosted a pet portraits event to raise money for the Wellsville Cat Sanctuary.  I got to meet some crazy gorgeous pets – thank you to everybody who [...]

Science Fair Adventures

My daughter, Annika, wanted to do a science fair project that focused on medicines that come from plants. First of all, my heart nearly exploded with happiness to hear about her interest in the [...]

Put Down the Apple

I meet so many clients who want or need photographs of themselves, but dread being in front of a camera.  Men and women alike. I am one such person. Why are we like that?  Why are we so afraid to [...]

Terror Barrier II

It didn’t kill me, so I guess that means I’m stronger.  😉   To recap from the previous post, I decided to face my fears and subject myself to a boudoir shoot.  My goal for the [...]

Terror Barrier

I can’t stop shaking. My stomach has tied itself into a painful knot. I just did the second most scary thing ever – second only to giving birth.  What did I just do?  I was the [...]

Business Building

Commercial & Corporate Photography for Professionals, Public Figures, and Businesses Lots of people have nice cameras. However, it takes more than a nice camera to secure pictures that [...]

Travel Photography

Are you planning a vacation in 2018? When most people plan their vacation, they are thinking about flights, hotel reservations, sightseeing, and what attractions they want to see. I want to put [...]

On Beauty

*Note: once I started writing this post, words started flying out of me, and I just wrote as quickly as I could.  That means one of two things: either someone out there needs to hear this right [...]

On Mini Sessions

I have to tell you a secret: I hate mini sessions.   In theory they are an awesome way to bring in a bunch of new clients and bring in some easy money for a day’s work.  In reality, [...]

A Leafy Inspiration

The sugar maple tree by our driveway started changing colors early this year.  A few have fallen, and today as I walked by, I stopped to pick some up. It occurred to me that I could scan the [...]

On the Nature of Time

I can’t tell you how often I have had this conversation. An older stranger, usually a grandmotherly type, will come up to me, comment on how adorable my kids are, then warn me: “They [...]

New Milford Body Therapy

When starting a new business, it’s important to decide what kind of image you want your business to project.  Good photography can help establish that image and give you material to use on [...]

Smash that Cake!

This cake smash session was totally epic – because it was outdoors!  We had a lot of fun getting messy.  Scroll down to see some of the pictures from this session.   The perfect cake [...]

Outdoor Photo Studio

I know how lucky I am to have a gorgeous backyard – the yard was what sold me on our fixer-upper of a house!  I fell in love with the yard before I ever set foot in this house.  Between the [...]

A Letter to the Camera-Dodging Moms

Are you a camera-dodger?   First, let me say this: I am the mom who dodges cameras and dreads viewing pictures of myself. I have kids, and the purpose of my life seems to be to make their [...]

Baby Ben

Last week, I met my youngest ever client: Ben!  He is a perfect little boy, and was just 1 week old when he visited my studio.  I had fun snuggling with him.  Here are my favorite shots! The [...]

A LuLaRoe Collaboration

This session hit everything on my wish list: a baby, an adorable little girl, and a mommy-entrepreneur.  I love helping moms find success with their businesses!  Erica and I met up and [...]

A Photo Escape

  Come make some memories with your family!       As I was having a tea party with my 1-year-old this afternoon, I noticed a lantern given to me by my mother-in-law, and [...]

Best of 2016

I know this is a little late, as we are already 18 days into 2017, but I thought it might be fun to compile a list of my favorite photographs that I took this year.  So here goes – enjoy! I [...]

His Name is Jag

This fall, I was hired to take some pictures of a beloved family pet who was very elderly.  This sweet dog has a family who loves him so much that he even gets massages!  Although he got tired [...]

Creating a Photo Studio

With my husband off work this fall, I suddenly found the freedom to work on developing my photography business further.  The idea of opening a studio crossed my mind, and I decided to explore it. [...]

Wedding on a Hill

Last weekend, I got to spend an afternoon photographing a sunny, casual wedding on a beautiful hilltop in Carmel, NY. Jen and Ray wanted a no-hassle wedding day, and I think they came pretty [...]

An Enviable Bridal Shower

I will preface this post by saying: I love my mother. That being said, I was pretty jealous of the bride whose recent bridal shower I got to photograph.  Because based on that shower, her mother [...]

Enders Falls

I was born Emily Enders Mygatt. Growing up, my siblings would teasingly call me “Emily Unders” and I learned to dislike my middle name.  My parents chose old family names (maiden [...]

CONQUER Physical Therapy

This past weekend, I visited the brand new physical therapy studio that Daniela and Dr. Rob have worked so hard to open.  The business is called CONQUER Physical Therapy, and it is located at 454 [...]

Forcheski-Venuti Wedding

Recently, I has the honor of photographing the wedding of a longtime friend of the family.  This was the most fun wedding I have ever been to… I found myself wishing I was a guest instead [...]

Trip to the Berkshires

This past weekend, my sister arranged a trip for us (just me and Jason!) to southern Massachusetts to stay in a bed & breakfast inn and see the sights.  It turned out to be possibly the best [...]

Hidden Treasure

My husband has an extensive shell collection, as you might have noticed from previous posts.  Many of them have amazingly intricate shapes, swirls, textures, and colors.  One shell that was [...]

Photographing Shells

My husband has a massive shell collection comprised of shells ranging in size from miniscule to bigger than my head.  A child of Wisconsin, the first time he saw the ocean was after he met me.  [...]

Recipe: Greek Eggplant Rollups

I came up with this recipe for my little sister’s baby shower, which was this past weekend.  I wanted to make something that was not only tasty but healthy and eye-catching too.  [...]

To Capture a Memory

There is a big trend in photography now that I like to call the “Anne Geddes” shoot.  Parents drive their babies and children (and even high schoolers) to a studio, get them dressed [...]

A Glamorous Baby Shower

Last weekend, I photographed a baby shower for a friend through my daughter’s preschool.  The mommy-to-be is completely gorgeous, and a joy to photograph.  Here she is in a shot I took her [...]

A Simple but Elegant Wedding

I had the privilege recently of photographing the wedding of some incredibly kind and happy people – Gosia, Steve, and their son, Adrian.  The entire event was held at the Stonehenge Inn in [...]

An Evening at Silvermans Farm

A few days ago, I got to spend some time taking pictures at Silvermans Farm in Easton, CT.  It’s a beautiful place with 30 acres of apple and peach trees as well as grapes and blueberries.  [...]

Peach blossoms

My husband just started working at Silverman’s Farm in Easton, CT. He spent the day pruning peach trees recently, and brought me home some of the branches. Nothing says spring like fruit [...]

Clients Are Talking!

  • Amazing photographer. Emily captures her subjects beautifully. I couldn’t be happier with her professionalism and prompt service. I will continue to use her for all of our photo needs.

  • As an Interfaith Minister who has worked with Emily, I can Happily say that she’s somebody who I recommend Again and Again to my couples! Her professionalism alone is worth having her at a wedding, and to have such Unique, WONDERFUL pictures seems almost like an Extra! I will have nobody but Emily for All of my personal photography, and am always disappointed when my couples say they “already have” a photographer – ’cause I know they don’t have the Best!

  • Wonderful family photos and business headshots. Highly recommend!

  • Emily is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. The photos she took which I used in my first book were outstanding. My author photo which she took remains my favorite of all the images in my book. Emily brings out the best in her clients and her photos are thus beautiful and timeless.

  • Emily is a fantastic photographer! She shot my wedding in December 2014. We had a chilly rainy day and she was able to get fantastic shots even though most of them had to be inside and she did not have much natural light to work with. Her talent is very apparent in her work and her wedding packages are a great value for her quality of work! Emily even didn’t mind getting soaked to get the perfect shot outside in the rain for us! Emily is sweet and extremely flexible and professional and a joy to work with. She delivered our finished photos within days of our wedding, which was an added bonus! She also made beautiful albums for us. I highly recommend hiring Emily Lee as your wedding photographer!

  • Emily is very professional and also very comfortable to be with. She is a huge help with posing, and takes fantastic photos. The photos she took for me came out so amazing! I will be recommending Emily to everyone, and will definitely return in the future!

  • Beyond amazing! Having a boudoir shoot done is very personal and a bit nerve wracking. Emily was not only the ULTIMATE professional, but her ideas were so creative and they came out great! THANK YOU!!!

  • Extraordinary work! Wonderful experience! Outstanding customer service! Couldn’t recommend anybody else! If quality and uniqueness is what’s you’ve been looking for in photography, you’re in the right place! Give It a SHOT, you’ll be glad you did!!!

  • Thank you for such a fantastic photo shoot you gave my daughter and son-in-law.  You have a special way & a very kind heart.

  • Emily was so amazing for our wedding. We met a couple of times before the big day, so we could all be on the same page for planning what should happen and the flow of the day. She put both of us at ease with her confidence and down to earth personality. Wedding day came and she was awesome. She really captured the beauty of the day and the love we felt for each other. We would recommend her for any wedding!

  • I just worked with Emily from Roxbury Photo. She was absolutely fantastic and captured some wonderful memories for us. We did ours at Candlewood Lake. Her ability to make us laugh captured our natural smiles. I love all of the photos she took.

    Nyree House of Warmth