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About The Photographer

Emily Mygatt Lee

Photographer in
New Milford, CT

I am on a mission.  I want to take photographs that help people accomplish something.  You’re so much more than just a pretty face!

Roxbury Photography

My favorite thing about photographing children is their complete lack of inhibition.  They are not worried about how they will look in their photos or what others think of them.  Every kid who has requested to see his/her own picture in the back of my camera has loved how they looked in it.  They are free from that internal criticism we adults fall prey to.

What happens to that carefree child?  As we grow up, we learn to be critical of every part of ourselves that deviates from some average/norm.  We become self-conscious.

Society teaches us that our value is dependent on our outward appearance.

But that is just not true!

I want to help people break free from this belief and begin to live their true purpose.

It pains me to meet so many people who are trying to accomplish something but are terrified of being seen in photographs.  How can you get your name out there if you are hiding?

Women in particular have a tough time, struggling with the need to look small, meek, submissive, slender, professional, pretty, flirty, non-threatening, and/or sexy in pictures.  What we need is to see more women looking POWERFUL in their pictures.  How can we expect to see more women in positions of leadership when the pictures we see of women portray them in such a powerless manner?

My goal is to photograph people in an authentic way.  To show their personality, their power, their confidence, their creativity, their kindness, their fearlessness, and their love.  I want to photograph real people – not models.  My specialty is bringing out the natural beauty in my subjects – that winning smile, those happy eye crinkles, the dimple in your cheeks, the twinkle of the eye, the sassy tilt of your shoulders – everybody has some beauty in them.

I want to take pictures that will help you achieve something amazing, whether your goal is building an audience, growing a business, running for office, or championing a cause.

If that’s you, then let’s chat.

Thanks for reading!

Meet the

Here I am with my whole family: my husband, Jason, and my 3 rascals, Annika, Evelyn, and Jeremy (JJ).

Clients Are Talking!

  • Amazing photographer. Emily captures her subjects beautifully. I couldn’t be happier with her professionalism and prompt service. I will continue to use her for all of our photo needs.

  • As an Interfaith Minister who has worked with Emily, I can Happily say that she’s somebody who I recommend Again and Again to my couples! Her professionalism alone is worth having her at a wedding, and to have such Unique, WONDERFUL pictures seems almost like an Extra! I will have nobody but Emily for All of my personal photography, and am always disappointed when my couples say they “already have” a photographer – ’cause I know they don’t have the Best!

  • Wonderful family photos and business headshots. Highly recommend!

  • Emily is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. The photos she took which I used in my first book were outstanding. My author photo which she took remains my favorite of all the images in my book. Emily brings out the best in her clients and her photos are thus beautiful and timeless.

  • Emily is a fantastic photographer! She shot my wedding in December 2014. We had a chilly rainy day and she was able to get fantastic shots even though most of them had to be inside and she did not have much natural light to work with. Her talent is very apparent in her work and her wedding packages are a great value for her quality of work! Emily even didn’t mind getting soaked to get the perfect shot outside in the rain for us! Emily is sweet and extremely flexible and professional and a joy to work with. She delivered our finished photos within days of our wedding, which was an added bonus! She also made beautiful albums for us. I highly recommend hiring Emily Lee as your wedding photographer!

  • Emily is very professional and also very comfortable to be with. She is a huge help with posing, and takes fantastic photos. The photos she took for me came out so amazing! I will be recommending Emily to everyone, and will definitely return in the future!

  • Beyond amazing! Having a boudoir shoot done is very personal and a bit nerve wracking. Emily was not only the ULTIMATE professional, but her ideas were so creative and they came out great! THANK YOU!!!

  • Extraordinary work! Wonderful experience! Outstanding customer service! Couldn’t recommend anybody else! If quality and uniqueness is what’s you’ve been looking for in photography, you’re in the right place! Give It a SHOT, you’ll be glad you did!!!

  • Thank you for such a fantastic photo shoot you gave my daughter and son-in-law.  You have a special way & a very kind heart.

  • Emily was so amazing for our wedding. We met a couple of times before the big day, so we could all be on the same page for planning what should happen and the flow of the day. She put both of us at ease with her confidence and down to earth personality. Wedding day came and she was awesome. She really captured the beauty of the day and the love we felt for each other. We would recommend her for any wedding!

  • I just worked with Emily from Roxbury Photo. She was absolutely fantastic and captured some wonderful memories for us. We did ours at Candlewood Lake. Her ability to make us laugh captured our natural smiles. I love all of the photos she took.

    Nyree House of Warmth