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Relatively new to town, Ashley Maturo was looking for help making a splash.  Ashley, the speech therapist behind For Goodness Speech, LLC, wanted to create a series of photographs to introduce her to the families of New Milford, CT.

I worked with Ashley to design a few photo sessions and some strategizing for her social media presence.

speech therapist

Ashley Maturo, owner of For Goodness Speech, and speech therapist

A mother of one (with another on the way!), Ashley specializes in helping children get on track with their speech development.  I had no idea the ways speech development can influence all of childhood development, but it really is interconnected with everything else.  From learning to read, to potty training, to school performance, to taming temper tantrums, speech therapy can help a child get on the right track.

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With Ashley, anything can be a learning experience

Ashley is gentle, patient, and soft spoken.  She has a way of engaging children that is effortless, natural.  She takes everyday moments and turns them into opportunities for learning.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on her Talking Tots mommy-and-me class at the Children’s Movement Center in New Milford.  It was so cute to see the children engage with her, and so informative to see the subtle ways she pulled them along through the lesson.


speech therapist new milford ct

Ashley leads a mommy and me class for young toddlers, called Talking Tots


The cost of the class includes a play pass at the Children’s Movement Center (CMC), which is an enormous indoor playground.  As a regular guest of the CMC, I can attest to its rigorous commitment to cleanliness, unlike many infamous indoor playgrounds which shall go unnamed.

There is a separate playground specially for toddlers, so they won’t get trampled by the exuberant older children.

My son’s favorite feature is the ball pit!

indoor playground ct

The Children’s Movement Center has a toddler area for children 4 and under


Ashley makes a point of stressing the importance of reading to your children.

The more books you read them, the more words they are exposed to, and the faster their vocabulary will grow.


speech therapist early childhood development

Ashley reads a book to her young son


Speech therapy sessions might sound like a boring affair, but not with Ashley.  She emphasizes the importance of play-based learning.

Her sessions seem to the child more like playdates than therapy sessions, and because they are fun, they are more effective.

Ashley’s guided play includes subtle teaching strategies and prompts the child to talk more.   Part of the purpose of the session is to teach the parents how to continue this play-based learning after the session is finished.


for goodness speech therapy new milford ct

Ashley’s sessions can look a lot like playdates – she is a master of turning a play session into a learning experience


Ashley’s services are not only for toddlers.  As children grow older, their speech therapy needs change and develop too.  Ashley is trained to assist with speech development at every level, from toddler to teen, and even adulthood.

Speech setbacks can happen at any age, and Ashley knows how to get you back on track.


for goodness speech therapy childhood development help


There is a new Talking Tots class coming up in October.

It will take place on Saturday mornings at the Children’s Movement Center.  Here is the flier:

mommy and me class new milford ct


If you have a little one at home and are looking for a fun way to introduce some learning, check out this class!  It’s also a great way to make some new mom friends.

Reach out to Ashley by clicking HERE.

Tell Ashley I sent you. 😉



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