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Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be one of a select group of people chosen to attend the Embrace Ambition 2019 series finale at the Brooklyn Museum in NYC.  This event, hosted by the Tory Burch Foundation, is part of an annual summit to encourage women to throw off stereotypes that limit what women “can” and “can’t” do, and instead embrace their ambitions to be and do what they choose.

I took pictures as I went, but most of them are just cell phone pics (I love my Google Pixel XL2 phone!!!) so don’t judge them too hard.


I got myself all spiffed up (even used a hairdryer – fancy!) and drove to the Croton Falls train station to hop a train to NYC.


photographer ny ct

I used a hairdryer…. and put on shoes that weren’t sneakers! I even put a little eye makeup on. Momentous occasion!


metro north railroad station ny

The train station at Croton Falls, where there was just one daily parking spot left – perfect!


train trip nyc photographer

The train ride into NYC took about an hour. I stared out the window, the way people used to do before smartphones. =P



nyc train photographer

I watched out my [dirty] window as we crossed over what I believe is the East River

train station nyc grand central

I arrived at Grand Central, paused just long enough to get photographic proof that I was there, and continued on my way.


nyc photographer

Had a bit of a tourist moment when I stepped out of Grand Central and looked up to see a massive crane towering over me. Whew!


nyc skyscrapers

I’m sorry, it just never fails to amaze me.


subway station nyc

After a brief stroll down 42nd Street, I hopped the subway to Brooklyn


nyc photographer

Stepped out of the subway station at Eastside Parkway / Brooklyn Museum and right in front of me was the museum. Oy or Yo?


nyc brooklyn photographer

I arrived a bit early (I hate being late, always try to arrive early!) and they were still setting up. Took the opportunity to meet some people!


nyc photographer brooklyn museum

That’s right, I took a bathroom selfie. Now I have proof that I dressed like a grown up! =D


tory burch photographer fashion

We registered and were ushered into the auditorium. I was so excited to see Tory Burch speak in person!


lilly ledbetter photographer nyc famous

Tory Burch interviewed women’s rights activist Lilly Ledbetter, the woman responsible for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.  Her story was so much more inspirational than I had realized. 


brooklyn museum female entrepreneur event

The woman on the left was one of the speakers at the event. She owns her own electrician company, as well as a company she founded that trains women to be able to handle all kinds of important jobs. The woman on the right is my new BFF, Kate!


female artist photographer nyc

We all got the chance to enjoy the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum – even though the museum was closed to the public. Incredible exhibit, I highly recommend seeing it. Kate posed with this massive print of one of Frida’s most famous paintings.


I was inspired by the speakers at the event – women who founded their own companies, rose to great heights in their fields, and women who overcame incredible obstacles to achieve success despite it all.  It was moving, emotional, and extremely motivational.  I met many wonderful and powerful women who are doing what they love.  My determination to embrace my own ambitions, and ignore all the naysayers and negativity, is renewed.

I am excited to continue my journey to become renowned for the way I photograph people.  I am on a mission to change the way we photograph women, because I want to see us change the way we view, judge, and value women.  I want women to stop computing their own value based on their outward appearance and start living their lives more fearlessly.  I want to be a part of the movement to help women embrace their ambitions.

I want to continue to photograph REAL people and real women in an authentic way, and show how powerful, motivational, strong, creative, funny, feisty, fearless, ambitious, intelligent, brave, visionary, AND beautiful women can be.


Be a part of my movement – fill out the form below and let’s hook you up with a photo shoot to celebrate YOU!

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