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I snapped a quick cell phone picture of this page in a women’s fitness magazine:

women objectify beautiful model photograph change vulnerable

What adjectives come to mind when you view this picture?

Vacant / Helpless / Vulnerable / Weak / Lost / Forlorn / Scared / Innocent / Dazed / Childlike  ??



I see women portrayed this way too often, and I am tired of it.  And this is supposed to be a magazine that encourages and empowers women.

How are the photographers instructing these women??  “Play dumb” ?  “More helplessness please” ? “Pretend you’re a lost orphan” ?

Why is this look so popular in the media??  Mouth agape, eyes unfocused in a vacant stare …. looking as though they haven’t a thought in their pretty little heads.

How do images like this affect (and reflect) the way we view women in our society?


Do we prefer women to be helpless? Innocent? Brainless? Powerless?? Like a perfect marble statue to decorate our front yard?


Do images like these hurt our chances of being taken seriously – in school, in our careers, in the boardroom, and during elections?


I want to be a part of the movement to change the way women are photographed.

I don’t want your vacant stare; I want your personality to shine through.

I don’t want your sexy pose*; I want your power pose.

I don’t want your wide innocent eyes; I want the spark in them.


I’ve had enough of the way we have been photographing women.  It’s time for a change.

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*Disclaimer – there IS a time and a place for a sexy pose: it’s called a boudoir session, and it’s a lot of fun  😉

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