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Despite the crazy world outside my corner of CT, my world was pretty awesome in 2018.  Here are the top 20 reasons why (with my favorite pictures to illustrate.)


20. I got to photograph some really fun people

alternative family, mixed family, love makes a family,

family photographer ct ny

19. I caught some out of this world, epic light

beautiful baby girl family portrait


18. I got to photograph my first grown-up cake smash!

adult cake smash


17. I got to take on some projects that were purely experimental and fun

beautiful girl with pony

golden hour session


16. I got to meet some amazing new families….

creative kids portraits


15. And revisit some families I have seen in previous years

siblings dancing

family portrait photographer ny


14. I got to photograph people while standing knee deep in the water

beach portrait


13. I got to see some of the most gorgeous spots in my corner of the world

sunset in new milford ct photographer

12. I got to photograph an aspiring pop star

max patel singer

11. I got to meet and photograph some amazing entrepreneurs and creatives

entrepreneur mom mompreneur

pianist composer creative

12. I got to borrow some babies

newborn photography ct

newborn photographer ct lifestyle

11. I landed my first politician client – David Lawson

political photography photojournalism pete souza style

Because of David Lawson (who lost, which broke my heart!), I got to meet Jahana Hayes (OMG!!!)

candidate political photographer ny ct

10. I got to do a creative shoot at the railroad museum

creative portrait photographer

9. I got to photograph some ridiculously gorgeous people

gorgeous model

8. I laughed my butt off

funny family portrait


7. I got to be a part of some really special occasions

creative wedding photographer ny ct


6. I got to photograph the art collection of a talented painter and art collector

art photographer for prints ct ny

5. I won an award!

award winning photographer ny ct

4. I was chosen to photograph a massive international scholar competition at Yale – and I got to meet students from all over the world!

toc2018 new haven yale photographer ct

toc2018 world scholars cup photographer ct

3. I got to help two people find each other – and be a part of the proposal!

I was hired to take photographs to showcase this man’s personality, to be used on his online dating profile.

playful creative portrait photography ny ct

Those photographs quickly attracted the right woman and a few short months later, I was hired to photograph the proposal itself.

engagement photographer ny ct

What a special job that was!!  Congrats Dan and Melinda!

engagement ring couple wedding photographer ny ct


2. I got to do two separate shoots for a print magazine

health monitor photoshoot magazine photographer ny

health monitor magazine shoot photographer



  1. Because 2018 was a fantastic, awesome, wonderful year full of life and love.

Thank you so much to all of my clients, friends, family, and fans who supported me this year.  I am so blessed with a supportive husband who encourages me in all of my crazy endeavors.  <3


photographer self portrait

xo Love you all!


Oh, and I almost forgot — 2018 was the year my first ever app came out!  Click here to to learn more about bWISHd and find a link to download. 😉

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