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My purpose as a photographer is to show people the beauty all around them – and the beauty in them.  That might sound easy, but it gets tricky when I encounter clients who do not believe they can look beautiful in a photograph.


I find most people fit into one of three basic categories:

  1. People who are happy with how they look in photos and happy to be in photos
  2. People who hate the way they look in photos, so they avoid the camera at all costs
  3. People who dislike the way they look in photos, so they lie (and by lie, I mean using extreme selfies with heavy filters, or other photo editing software to distort the way they look)


Most of the people who fall into the first category are children.  Most adults fall into the second or third group.


Why is that?  What’s wrong with looking like a regular person?  Are models and movie stars the only people worthy of being photographed?  Is there a universal standard of beauty that only 1% or fewer people can attain, and the rest of us should hide our faces under large hoods and veils?  How absurd is that?


I think part of the problem is that a photograph forces us to face our truth.  Sometimes that painful truth is the fact that we don’t look the way we did 10, 20, 30 + years ago.  Sometimes the painful truth is that we hate the way we look, have always hated the way we look.  Sometimes life has left us a little scarred, a little crooked, and we have a hard time reconciling that visage with the way we look in our own minds.
I think that dissatisfaction with our looks is rooted in comparison – we are comparing ourselves to something/someone and finding ourselves lacking.  It might be a magazine-worthy stereotype of a person, or a younger version of ourselves, or a relative who looked better at our age than we do.  Whatever it is, that comparison sticks in our mind and we feel inferior.  What if we could stop comparing and just start living?



For those of you who have big goals, let’s talk about the importance of authentic photos of YOU.

When people find you online, it makes a huge difference if they can see who you are.  It also gives an impression of confidence – of not hiding.

People these days will often look you up online before they reach out to you.  When your website or facebook page contains no photos of you, (or just one token headshot of you, maybe from years ago), it sends the message that you are hiding.  It sends a message that you are not confident.  This will result in poor social media results, uninterested audiences, and fewer clients/followers/fans/voters.

When you start putting photos of the real, flawed, human YOU out there to the world, people will be able to relate to you.  After all, who among us is without flaws?

Stop being afraid that people will see your imperfections and start living your purpose without fear!


Here are some photographs of incredible, powerful women who decided to trust me to take their picture.  These women stepped out of their comfort zone to get in front of the camera, and the results are beautiful.

confident powerful woman fearless branding portrait image

confident powerful woman fearless branding portrait image

confident powerful woman fearless branding portrait image

confident powerful woman fearless branding portrait image

confident powerful woman fearless branding portrait image boss entrepreneur

Beauty does not depend on youth, nor does it require you to be skinny.

Confidence is beautiful.

Wisdom is beautiful.

Kindness is beautiful.

Patience is beautiful.

Compassion is beautiful.

Genuine smiles are beautiful.


There are so many ways to be beautiful that do not require drastic changes to your physical appearance.

So let me ask you something:

Do you believe only beautiful, youthful people can be successful in life?  Surely you do not.  

Are you going to let success elude you because you don’t look like a model?  Surely you will not.


I love helping entrepreneurs and public figures tell their story and build their image with unique and authentic photographs.

I offer help with posing and help getting into the right mindset, so you can come across as your best, most confident self.

Together, we can design a session or series of sessions to help you live your purpose.  My photographs allow people to achieve a whole new level of success.

Contact me when you want amazing photographs that capture your unique awesomeness.  I’m ready when you are.

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