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On May 4, 2018, I am offering my first ever workshop.

The title of this workshop is Strike a Pose: learn how to pose for a portrait.

posing workshop modeling 101

The purpose of this workshop is to teach women, especially professional women or entrepreneurs, how to get portraits (whether personal or branding portraits) that portray them in the best light.


I see clients struggle with this issue all the time, men and women alike.  They are confident and natural when talking with me, then suddenly, when the camera comes out, they stiffen up and forget what to do with their arms.  The problem I see many women struggle with is the confusion around how to pose for their portrait  – they feel like they are supposed to look simultaneously cute, sexy, flirty, skinny, shy, confident, ambivalent, intelligent, cool, confident, strong – and that confusion can zap the confidence and muddy the results.  I would love to show you what to do when a camera is pointed at you, and remove the fear and confusion from the equation.


In this seminar, I plan on addressing the following topics:

  • What to do in front of a camera – modeling 101, but for non-models
  • How to take charge of your public image
  • How to pose for the occasion – get images that help you move toward a goal
  • Gender bias in photo posing guides and how it impacts you
  • Insights into how pro photographers pose people, and why
  • How your fear of looking bad in photos … is making you look bad in photos


I would love to see you there.

Space is limited — get your ticket by filling out the form below.  The cost is $40, and it includes a free portrait, taken during the workshop, to be delivered electronically within a week of the event.  Use it for a headshot, facebook profile picture, or whatever.


The details again: May 4, 6-9 pm.  Makery Coworking is a beautiful space located at 20 Bank Street in New Milford, CT.

Come dressed in an outfit that makes you feel your most confident, and be ready to have your picture taken!

Buy your ticket now: Click HERE!


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