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I meet so many clients who want or need photographs of themselves, but dread being in front of a camera.  Men and women alike.

I am one such person.

Why are we like that?  Why are we so afraid to see ourselves?

I would so love to help my clients relax and stop placing so much emphasis on their flaws.

I would love to help my clients learn to love themselves.


I am a photographer – I capture light that is reflected off of my subject into my camera.  The camera doesn’t judge, it just records light in the order and intensity with which it came into the lens.

The judgment comes from within us.  We compare ourselves to others, compare ourselves to how we looked when we were younger.  We put so many expectations on ourselves, and end up feeling like we are not enough.

We end up feeling ashamed of our appearance.


Feeling shame in the way we look is a human tradition, dating back to the time of Adam and Eve.  If you’re not into the Bible thing, it’s cool, but I’d love if you’d keep an open mind and bear with me for a quick story – I promise not to get preachy.

We have all heard this story, so I’ll summarize.  The story goes that God created a man and a woman, created a whole paradise for them to live in — because He loved them so much.  A serpent convinces them to eat a forbidden apple from a tree of knowledge, and what happens?  Suddenly they realize that they are naked, and they become ashamed.


I have heard many creative interpretations of this story over the years, but let’s put all that aside and just take this story at face value.  We are created with love, in order to love and be loved.

But forces of darkness (the enemy, or satan, or evil, or the dark side, or whatever you choose to call the force in our universe that works against us) taught us to be ashamed of ourselves.  Why?  In order to separate us from the love that is our birthright.

Adam and Eve were perfectly happy living in that garden – not judging themselves, not afraid, not feeling guilty, not counting calories, not anxious about the future – until that serpent got them to eat that apple.

Boil it down, and you realize that we were cursed with shame and guilt.  When we judge ourselves, compare ourselves to others, hate our bodies, live our lives by fear instead of love — that is separating us from the love that is intended for us.  Regardless of your stance on religion, I hope we can agree on that.

We make it so hard to love ourselves, and that makes it hard to love others.  How can you give what you do not have?

I want to tell my clients this: that voice in your head that is telling you that you are not good enough, too big, too small, too lumpy, too wrinkled, too asymmetrical, too gangly, too spotty, wrongly proportioned, just not quite right — that voice isn’t telling the truth.


Here is the truth:

you are worthy of love.  Your worthiness has nothing to do with the appearance of your body.  You are enough – just as you are.  Your body tells the story of your life and bears features from your ancestors who came before you.  The lines on your face tell a story about your smile, the spots tell a story of days in the sun, your scars tell a story of what you overcame.

Be at peace with where you are in your journey.  Be at peace with yourself.

Put down the apple and let love back in.


When you are ready to own your truth and live your purpose, send me a message.  I would love to help you on your journey, whatever that journey might be.

I create images that tell a story about who you are and why you were put on this earth.

I’ll be ready when you are.  Send me an email through this website or call me directly to talk about your goals: 203-917-2351

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