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Are you planning a vacation in 2018?

When most people plan their vacation, they are thinking about flights, hotel reservations, sightseeing, and what attractions they want to see.

I want to put one more plan on your list: hire me to capture some amazing moments from your trip.

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Think ahead with me for a moment:

Scenario 1: you return home from an amazing trip, refreshed and tanned, buzzing with excitement over all the amazing things you just experienced.  You unpack your camera and upload your pictures….. and they are awful!  Not very many (because you were busy experiencing!), few have people in them… so many lost moments, doomed to be forgotten.

Scenario 2: you spend the entire trip photographing every thing so you won’t forget how awesome it was… and fail to truly EXPERIENCE the trip itself!  You have all the photographs but got none of the relaxation and fun because you were hiding behind a camera.


When you hire a travel photographer, you get the best of all worlds.  You can come home with epic pictures of you and your loved ones in paradise, posed and candid moments.  Imagine having family portraits done at your vacation destination.  Imagine a romantic photo shoot with your sweetheart on a tropical beach.  Imagine ziplining, or riding an epic rollercoaster, or walking around Paris — and having your own personal paparazzo snapping pictures of your fun so you can relive it later.

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You can hire me to join you for a day or two of your vacation, and I will capture exactly what you want me to capture.  Hire me to photograph you and your new spouse on your honeymoon, or your family going to Disney World.  Hire me to take family portraits of your family in the French Riviera, or wherever your family is planning to go.

ocean kayak vacation photo destination photographer

I am available for destination weddings and romantic honeymoon sessions!

destination wedding photographer beach

Let’s make those memories look as epic as they felt to live through.  Don’t you want to be the star of a once-in-a-lifetime photograph?


Click here to get more information.  Thanks for reading!

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