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I have to tell you a secret: I hate mini sessions.


In theory they are an awesome way to bring in a bunch of new clients and bring in some easy money for a day’s work.  In reality, they are physically draining and artistically stifling.


I want to give each family pictures that they will treasure.  Unique pictures.  Pictures that capture the personalities of their subjects, not just fake posed smiles.  When a photographer does a full day of mini sessions, it is in one location, and all the spots to have photos done are used for each client, over and over.  There is also a serious time crunch, which makes the session go something like this: “Quick, just get over here, look at the camera, say cheese and let’s get this done.”  As an artist, I find that to be soul-crushing.  I can’t stand using the same background more than once.  I want each session I do to be unique.  It’s really important to me.

The bottom line is this: I don’t want to sell multiple clients the exact same portrait session.

I don’t want to be a discount photographer anymore.  I realize that I have been exactly that for years now – fitting in a job here and there between mommying my three adorable kids.  But now that my youngest is out of his baby years, I am ready to step up into something more serious.  I have spent the past 10 months working nonstop on my business.  I have received training, I have read and researched, I have upgraded my gear, I have upgraded my technique, and I am ready to be a real professional photographer.

In lieu of mini sessions, I am offering Magic Hour Sessions.

Magic Hour is that time around sunset when the light outside turns golden.  The sky gets pretty.  The landscape dims.  Everything becomes more dramatic.  The light at that time of day is the difference between this picture:

cute toddler family portrait

Picture taken at midday, even a cloudy day, resulting in ugly shadows on the face


and this picture:

magic hour portrait session toddler

This portrait was taken at magic hour, when the sun is low in the sky and the landscape darkens


Here is another picture that was taken at magic hour:

engagement session new milford roxbury ct


Do you see why I love this time of day?  I want every portrait session I do to take place as close to magic hour as possible.  I want everyone’s pictures to have this ethereal feel and dramatic but subtle lighting.  The washed out bleached tones of midday are hideous for portraits.  Yet, to make a day of mini sessions possible (read: profitable), some clients must be booked for midday.


And that brings me back to why I hate mini sessions.


Here is what I am offering:

  • About 1 hour to explore a gorgeous location
  • A pre-session consultation to design a unique experience that meets your goals
  • Your digital negatives, printable up to 8×10, on a USB drive
  • An online gallery for effortless sharing with family and friends
  • A unique portrait session that is low in stress and high in creativity
  • Images that capture love, personality, and joy
  • Pictures of your family that look unlike those of any other family
  • Optional assistance turning your images into artwork for your wall


Sound interesting?  Give me a call and let’s reserve your date:

203-917-2351, call or text.

I can’t wait to create something amazing with you!


Remember: it’s not just a portrait session, it’s an experience.

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