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Are you a camera-dodger?


First, let me say this: I am the mom who dodges cameras and dreads viewing pictures of myself.

I have kids, and the purpose of my life seems to be to make their lives as close to perfect as possible.  I find that I am always my last priority (well, aside from cleaning my bedroom, that might be my actual last priority.  It is a DISASTER.)

Anyway, I feel you, moms who dodge my camera.

You spent all your energy getting the kids washed, dressed, brushed, and coached for pictures and there is no energy leftover for yourself.

You might hire me to take pictures of your kids because you LOVE pictures of your kids.  I get that too, I’m the same way — a zillion pictures of the kids will never be enough, but maybe one picture with me in it per year is as much as I can force myself to do.

Let’s take a moment and think about family photos from another angle.

Instead of just thinking about what you want in a family picture, take a step back and imagine for a moment what you children will someday want to see in these family pictures.

They want to see YOU … their beloved parents.

I understand that when you look in the mirror, all you see are flaws.  I understand because I feel the same way.

But when your children look at you, they see love.  I know this because this is how I still view my own mother.  If I focus hard enough, yes, I can tell that she doesn’t look the same way she did 20-30 years ago, but to me she is beauty personified.  Here is a picture of my parents from about a month ago:

love family parents portrait couple roxbury photographer washington bridgewater ct

When she sees pictures of herself, maybe she sees wrinkles.  But I see a lifetime of beautiful smiles and the love she poured out over her 5 kids.  I am so grateful that she allows me to take pictures of her, because I do treasure them.


The bottom line is this: your children might not know it yet, but they want and need pictures of their parents.  They will treasure those pictures for the rest of their lives, and their children will as well.  Remember that the next time you are planning a family photo session.

Then find a way to get yourself into the picture.


To help with that goal, I have two great options to boost your confidence and get you photo-ready:

Option 1: Pamper yourself

If you have a favorite salon or spa, get an appointment for shortly before your photo session, and get pampered!  Maybe schedule a facial the day before, or a nice haircut or hairdo the day of the session.

My friend Valerie (of Valerie’s Mobile Hair) can come to your home and do your hair and makeup.  That way you can be confident that you look your best for your photo shoot.  Valerie will get you feeling pretty and confident – she is great at what she does!  Here is a mother-daughter duo she pampered before a photo session:

family portrait mother daughter sweet makeover help roxbury photography bridgewater washington ct


Option 2: Get help perfecting your personal style

My friend Pam is an image consultant, and she can help you look your best — no matter your size, personal style, lifestyle, or budget.

Pam can:

(1) Come to your home and help you pick out a few perfect outfits using the clothes and accessories already in your closet.

(2) Overhaul your wardrobe top to bottom and help you create style from chaos

(3) Overhaul your wardrobe and organize a unique shopping experience to buy the clothes you need to complete your wardrobe.

Pam will have you feeling and looking more confident and stylish in just a few hours, and she can train you to keep that new confidence and style going forward.

Visit Pam’s website here: Positive Reflections

Seriously, Pam has a gift.  Check her out.  I’ll wait.


If these options might help you, send me a message and let’s set something up!  I think you are worth it.  Don’t be shy – do it for the kids. 😉

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  • Deborah Mygatt

    I love this Emily. Thanks for your thoughtful words. This is personal for me too, since my own much-loved grandmother would not allow pictures of herself. She would frown and look away, so there are very few pictures of her. But I loved her so much and would love to see her smiling face again! Because of this, I make an effort to cooperate and smile when you point the camera in my direction – its not just for me!

  • Sarah Akus

    You jerk! Stop making your sister cry!
    Love Sarah

    • emilymygattlee

      Hehehe it’s my goal in life 😉

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