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As I was having a tea party with my 1-year-old this afternoon, I noticed a lantern given to me by my mother-in-law, and suddenly I felt inspired.

What if I created a camping-lite experience for families right in my garden, and photographed the whole thing?


Thus the Camping Experience photo session was born.


First off, here is my backyard garden:

photo camping outdoor session portrait new milford ct

Part family adventure and part photo session, but all fun; these sessions are designed to hit all the high notes of a real camping experience without all of the hassle: no sleeping on the ground, no struggling to get a fire going, no eating gross/processed camping food, no setting up the tent, no cleaning up the campsite afterwards, and, of course, no going to the bathroom in the woods!

Imagine showing up to a campsite where the fire is already blazing, the tent is all set up, the food for your dinner is prepared and ready when you are.  Instead of slaving away, you can spend the entire time playing with your kids, exploring nature, catching dragonflies and frogs, picking flowers, enjoying the scenery, listening to the sound of rushing water, making s’mores, and stargazing…. the kids are playing and picking fruits and vegetables from the garden…. and the fun memories you are making are captured to be remembered always.



Here is the general schedule:

  1. Arrive mid-afternoon
  2. Let the kids play and explore while taking candid shots
  3. Take some family portraits when people feel relaxed
  4. Have a dinner picnic on a blanket or at table with chairs
  5. Mix of candid shots and individual portraits as people have fun and explore the area
  6. As dusk approaches, have lit candles and/or lanterns, gather around the fire, make s’mores, and look for fireflies/shooting stars
  7. Go home and sleep in your own beds!  (Overnight campouts can be arranged if you’re adventurous.)


We live in a really lovely rural setting, fairly secluded and with amazing views of the night sky (very low light pollution!).  Perfect for stargazing!


Intrigued yet?  Take a peek at these photos, all taken in my garden.  Then contact me to reserve a date (May thru September.)  When you book a session, we will set a time to meet and plan the details of what you want in your session — you can choose what food, what decor, schedule, and we can talk outfits.  Your camping experience will be tailored to your tastes!

camping session photographer new milford ct camping session photographer new milford ct camping session photographer new milford ct camping session photographer new milford ct camping session photographer new milford ct camping session photographer new milford ct camping session photographer new milford ct camping session photographer new milford ct


  • Access to a private campground with pond and bathroom
  • Campfire pre-lit and firewood provided
  • Custom picnic prepared and delivered to you 
  • 4+ hours of photography
  • Fully edited digital images with copyright release
  • Tent, benches, flowers and other props provided 
  • Spend quality time with your family in nature
  • Access to a romantic little rowboat with oars

_________________________Total Value:  $1500+


These sessions are all-inclusive and will cost only $797 for a weekday or $997* for a weekend (Friday or Saturday).  A $300 deposit is required to reserve your date.  In the event of bad weather, you will receive priority rescheduling.


Don’t wait to book a session – my weekends will book up fast this summer and I don’t want you to miss out! 


Reserve your date: Book a Camping Experience

Tip: Act quickly to get a date in June — that is when the pond irises usually bloom and there are hundreds 😉

Available dates: May 1 through September 30, any day of the week except Sunday

*If you actually want to stay the night, that will cost $200 extra, and breakfast is included =)

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