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A Collage of Photographs

Are your pictures languishing in picture jail (AKA your computer’s hard drive?)

If you’re like me, you fully intend to put some family pictures on your walls … just as soon as you figure out exactly what you want it to look like.

The wait is over.  I found the perfect solution!  They’re called wall collages.


Or how about this array for the stairwell:


Some collage layouts can be made from one image:


This chart shows you the possible collage layouts:


Which layout jumps out at you as the perfect arrangement for your home?  First on my wishlist is the Stairclimber (I dream of a stairwell full of family photos.)

This graphic shows you the possible materials for the photos to be printed on:

collage materials

The Thinwraps are the least expensive option, followed by metal prints; while canvas wraps are the most ritzy option available.  (If you’re unfamiliar with metal prints, know that they are very shiny.)

This is the product your walls have been waiting for.  And they are super easy to install: included with the prints themselves is the mounting pegs and a paper template that shows you exactly where the pegs need to be inserted.  Foolproof (really!)


To see more ways to display your amazing pictures, click here:

Send me an email and let’s make this happen for your home.  Your walls will thank you!

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