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Last weekend, I got to spend an afternoon photographing a sunny, casual wedding on a beautiful hilltop in Carmel, NY.

Jen and Ray wanted a no-hassle wedding day, and I think they came pretty close.  Everyone was in a good mood, it seemed.  The sun was shining.  It was hot but not too hot.  I think they got lucky!

I showed up to the pavilion at the top of the hill and it was done up very nicely (especially given that a few days prior, the pavilion was a hectic pile of picnic tables and ugly yellow trash cans!)

outdoor wedding pavilion

rustic outdoor wedding

The decorations were simple and sweet.

mr and mrs sign wedding decor

simple bouquet

I had fun with the boys, who were cousins.  Who likes a serious photo anyway?


ring bearer boys

The groom, Ray, was very patient with me as I took a few portraits.  I get such a kick out of his red beard!


I spent some time with the bride, Jen, and her daughter.  They looked so beautiful!

bridal portrait

bride with daughter

bride with daughter

But seriously, how gorgeous is this location??

church vista

Anyway, we hiked back to the top of the hill and got the ceremony going.

start this wedding

The bride had her sons walk her up the aisle. Everyone cried.

walking up the aisle

wedding ceremony

wedding ring

wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony

husband and wife

We got right into the requisite group pictures to get them out of the way (nobody likes doing them, right?) so we could do some more fun pics.

There is one group picture I need to share though…. photobomb!

bridal photobomb

family picture family picture

And finally, we shooed the kids off to the reception (and the bouncy house) and got down to the real fun stuff.

husband and wife

How perfect is her dress in this pic?  It cooperated so nicely with us!

bride and groom portrait

bride and groom

Sometimes the outtakes are too fun to discard…

bride and groom

I was delighted when this fun duo agreed to my suggestion to take a short excursion to a nearby (secluded) causeway.  My GPS took me this way and it was so beautiful that I just had to convince the newlyweds to take some pics there with me!  We had fun with it.

bride and groom causeway

bride and groom


bride and groom

bride and groom jump

I saved the best for last — I love this picture!  Her dress is all flouncy, it’s just so fun.

bride and groom causeway

After our excursion, I let the bride and groom get to their reception for their first dance together as husband and wife.

first dance

first dance

So sweet!

I left this beautiful park after the first dance, sunburned, dehydrated, and covered in poison ivy — and feeling fantastic.  I had so much fun, thanks Jen and Ray!

To view their entire gallery, go HERE.  Thanks for visiting!


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