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I was born Emily Enders Mygatt.

Growing up, my siblings would teasingly call me “Emily Unders” and I learned to dislike my middle name.  My parents chose old family names (maiden names of people in our family tree) as our middle names, so we all ended up with less-than-lovely middle names.  My sisters got Sanford and Daniels, my brother got Burr.

I know somebody in my family tree had Enders as a last name, but I never figured out exactly who, and never formed any liking for the name.  When I got married, I dropped it and kept my maiden name for my middle name, hence the Emily Mygatt Lee (Emily M Lee… say that fast and you’ll see why it entertains me.)

Anyway, I saw Enders State Forest on the map and felt compelled to make a trip there.  While the girls were on spring break from school, J took a day off work and we trekked to Granby, CT to see this park.

The part of the park that is most accessible is a trail that follows a dramatic stream through some fantastic rocks.  So we started upstream, splashing and playing in the water, and made our way slowly downstream to the bigger waterfall there.

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As we meandered downstream, the scenery got more dramatic.

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The girls had an amazing time wading in the water and scrambling over the rocky streambed.  Like the nervous parents we are, we said a lot of stuff like “Be careful” and “Stay away from the edge”, but the girls were pretty good about knowing their limits.  The rock features were so dramatic in this gorge that I couldn’t help but let the girls climb over them at least a little.  With me.

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We stayed by this waterfall, which I presume is called Enders Falls, for a while, because it was incredible and possible to get right up close to it.  We even saw other hikers swim right up to the falls!  I vowed to return one day, when unencumbered by a baby…


Finally, I realize JJ doesn’t appear in any of these pics because he is too young to frolic in the stream.  But I assure you – he was not entirely left out of the fun.  J and I took turns holding him, shielding him from the bright sun, and showing him the sights.


My favorite images from this trip, and many others, are available for purchase HERE.

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