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Recently, I has the honor of photographing the wedding of a longtime friend of the family.  This was the most fun wedding I have ever been to… I found myself wishing I was a guest instead of the photographer!  Never have I witnessed such a large, diverse group of guests dancing together for so much of the reception.  It was completely amazing.

But let’s start at the beginning.

It always begins with a dress….

wedding dress

The bridesmaids, bride, and mother of the bride were wearing matching outfits, which made my job a lot of fun.  They giggled, sipped mimosas, and picked at some finger foods while applying their makeup and fixing each others’ hair.  Amazingly, we adhered to our set schedule perfectly, and nothing felt rushed or frantic.  Good planning ladies!



wedding shoes dress hanger champagne flute decorated

The flowers arrived – thanks to Floral Designs by Nancy of Danbury (  They did an amazing job, and the mother of the bride was very happy with the price.  I highly recommend them!

bridal bouquet

Once the dress was on, we did some pictures at the bride’s house – starting with the ring.

wedding ring flowers bridal portrait bridesmaids


The ceremony was beautiful, as the church was all decorated for Christmas.  I arrived early to catch the groom and groomsmen before the big event.


Here comes the bride, on the arm of her father.

here comes the bride

I always make a point of capturing the groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time:

he sees the bride

wedding ceremony

just married bride groom

After the ceremony, we had very little time to do portraits before we needed to rush off to the reception.  It was very important to the mother of the bride that her daughter and son-in-law have time to enjoy the fancy cocktail hour she had arranged for them – and she was right.  I finished the important shots as quickly as I could.

church portrait newlyweds

bride aisle


wedding party

On the way to the reception, we planned a detour to downtown Ridgefield for one quick session with the Christmas lights.  The trees of Main Street in Ridgefield are lit up every year for this season, and it is beautiful.

On this particular day, it happened to be raining.

I brought two gallon ziplock bags, one for my camera and one for my flash.  I used a Yongnuo wireless flash controller to trigger the flash – highly recommend, it worked flawlessly!  Here is a link to it on amazon:

I pulled over behind the limo and ran out into the rain carrying only my camera in the bag, flash in the other bag, and lightstand.  The camera, flash, and flash controllers were on and set up.  Without enough hands to carry an umbrella, I ducked under and overhang to attach the flash to the stand.  I set up the stand in the middle of the sidewalk with the wide angle setting on the flash.  Waited for my newlyweds to stroll over with their umbrellas, then held one umbrella for them while taking the shots.  Shooting through the ziplock bag (which was open around the lens) meant I could barely see what I was aiming at.  Coupled with the dark and the rain, it was a very challening shot.  Somehow, my Mark III baby came through for me and focused just right.  I love the lit up raindrops all around them.

I ended up very soggy, but when I finally saw the result in the camera, I knew it had been worth it.


bride and groom in the rain portrait bride and groom portrait rain umbrella

At the reception, we snuck away for a few additional portraits.  The Silver Spring Country Club, where the reception was held, was all done up for Christmas, and there were a lot of fun places for pictures.

stolen moment newlyweds

stolen moment bride and groom

newlyweds portrait

Christmas decorations everywhere made for a very magical and romantic atmosphere.  It made me wonder why there aren’t more weddings during this season!

reception christmas

The dining room was massive, easily holding about 10 large round tables and an oversized dance floor.  The band was set up behind the dance floor.  It was a perfect space, somehow achieving spacious and cozy at the same time.  As a photographer, I was grateful for the ceilings (which were high, but not vaulted – which means I could use them to bounce a flash!)

The centerpieces were also by Flowers by Nancy.  Perfect!

wedding centerpiece

Here is the cake – simple yet elegant.

wedding cake

cake cutting

Now, when I said that I have never seen wedding dancing like I did at this wedding, I wasn’t kidding.  Here’s a taste…

wedding dance wedding dance

wedding dance wedding first dance

Many thanks to the Forcheski family for entrusting me with such an important job.  I had so much fun with this wedding, and I hope your family will enjoy these pictures!



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  • Caroline Forcheskie Lupo

    The pictures are beautiful, Emily. You captured so many great shots ~ you have an eye for making it all tell a beautiful story! You were there with us, but you blended in through the ceremony and during the fun time at the reception as if there was no one there taking a bunch of pictures!
    You are very talented 🙂
    Thank you ~ (Aunt Line) Caroline!

    • emilymygattlee

      Thank you! What a nice compliment. I’ll take it! =)

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