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For a photographer, doing Christmas portraits for families is much easier in a studio setting.  The lights and setting are controlled and planned in advance, which allows the photographer to focus solely on getting everybody posed nicely and smiling.

I have always enjoyed a challenge.

Call me strange, I love doing portraits in people’s homes.  Yes it’s tricky, and occasionally I miss something and end up photoshopping some clutter out of a corner of the resulting pictures.  But it’s always real.  Real people in their own real settings.  Kids at home with their own toys.  A family sitting on the old couch that has been scratched up by the beloved family dog.  Pictures of loved ones on the wall behind them.  A child looking in wonder at his or her own Christmas tree.  I am a sucker for realism.

The photos with lasting meaning are the ones that invoke a memory.  When I do portraits of a family in their own home or backyard, those photos will carry with them all the best memories of that space.

I think that makes them priceless.

Here is a set of images I took for a friend, all done within their living room.

Family Christmas Portrait

Family Christmas Portrait

Mother and Baby

Baby Christmas Portrait


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