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Last weekend, I photographed a baby shower for a friend through my daughter’s preschool.  The mommy-to-be is completely gorgeous, and a joy to photograph.  Here she is in a shot I took her aside for:


The party was held at the house of a friend, who proved to be an incredible hostess.  Here is the hostess cutting the cake.


As usual, the beauty was in the details.  The food was visually stunning.  I was hard pressed not to put down the camera and start snacking.  😉

Snacks fit for a mother-to-be

Snacks fit for a mother-to-be

After the guests ate, they participated in a few baby-themed games, such as a word scramble and a form of Taboo with a baby theme.  I just walked around and took pictures of the festivities.



After a few games, it was time for cake, which was really well done.  The cake had two layers, vanilla with praline and Tahitian vanilla.


The cake looked delicious.  I was sorely tempted to have a piece.

After cake, it was time to open presents.  The guests got an empty bingo card to fill out with their guesses as to what the mommy-to-be would receive, in hopes of being the first to get bingo.  I thought that was a neat idea for a game.  I caught a few pictures of the gifts before they were opened.


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